Marianna Petrenko

The 48 Hours Film Project Meetup

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The 48 Hours Film Project Meetup

Well then, friends! Good news!!!

Last week (I know, I'm being overly modest), we were lucky enough to attend a meeting with producers, screenwriters, directors, actors, and other representatives of the filmmaking professions. Very soon, we will be participating in the creation of a short film in 48 hours! Only 48 hours from receiving the theme of the film to presenting it in the final version! And this includes the selection of a team, the script, the casting of actors, the choice of locations, costumes and makeup, rehearsals, filming, and editing!

And yes, I repeat, we will accomplish all of this in 48 hours! But besides this news, I am very happy that I have finally found myself in the creative environment that I have long dreamed of and have been pursuing this goal all my adult life: namely, to be part of filmmaking in the USA!

It is especially pleasant that at this meeting I was assessed as a multi-tasking professional who can independently create an image, from idea to implementation: style, creation or selection of clothes, selection of accessories, makeup, hair styling, as well as photography. You have no idea how rewarding it is when you finally find yourself in that cherished space where your vision, skill, and experience can bring the greatest benefit to the world and at the same time receive recognition of your talents from industry professionals!